What is pavement engineering?

A key area of our team’s expertise is the investigation and evaluation of the existing pavement structures to establish the current condition of the pavement, the future performance and/ or the failure mechanism.

We develop a bespoke pavement investigation strategy to suit our client’s requirements along with the nature of the pavement structure. Part of this process includes a thorough investigation to evaluate the historic and existing pavement information.

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We utilise our in-house teams to conduct and commission a range of field and laboratory testing:

  1. Visual inspection and video surveys
  2. Coring - assessment of the pavement thickness and material conditions
  3. Ground Penetrating Radar surveys - pavement thickness
  4. Falling Weight Deflectometer testing - structural assessment, back analysis and load transfer efficiency
  5. Light-Weight Deflectometer (LWD), plate bearing analysis and dynamic cone penetrometer - foundation assessment
  6. Trial hole logging and material extraction