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Our experience in local authority networks to Strategic Road Networks allows us to offer practical, detailed solutions to each individual site’s requirements.


Pavement Surveys 

Our team of highly experienced technicians offer an extensive range of pavement surveys, testing and data analysis on a local and network level in accordance with the DMRB and relevant standards. This allows our clients to understand the current condition of the pavement and identify the need and type of works that may be required.  

Our fully equipped, UKAS accredited laboratory allows our team of specialists to analyse and understand the life cycle, and the materials used within the pavement. 


These resources are used to carry out performance testing and fully evaluate materials in house, identifying and understanding the reasons behind the performance of materials: 

- life cycle analysis, premature distress, and early life failures. 



Understanding the construction and condition of the paved network is fundamental information needed for any highway maintenance or management. Coring provides a visual insight into the build up of the bound pavement layers allowing for informed effective decisions on further surveys and planned maintenance. Cores can also be used as samples for lab testing and analysis. 


Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) 

Often used in conjunction with coring, the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer provides a rapid in-situ measurement of the structural properties of existing road pavement constructed with unbound materials.  


Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) 

Used for measuring the bearing capacity (deflection) of the subgrade and unbound base layers, granular layers and backfilling materials. The device gives an indication of deformation, bearing capacity and compaction, and can calculate a surface modulus (MPa) value for the material/soil type.  


Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) 

A quick non-destructive technique used to measure the structural integrity of pavement layers for research, design, rehabilitation of the road and for pavement management purposes. 


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) 

GPR allows for a non-destructive insight into the layer depths, the types of materials and any moisture that lie beneath the surface. This can also be utilised for damage with the base, foundational layers and the depth of cracks. 


Visual Condition and Video Survey 

Our highly experienced team provide visual condition and video surveys to record the current condition of the pavement. 



A quick deployable solution for continuous skid resistance measurement, GripTester provides easy regular testing and data for regular monitoring. Its design allows for easy manoeuvrability across the network, making it ideally suited for both rural and urban environments. 


Micro GripTester 

An alternative to the Pendulum test, micro GripTester can measure the skid resistance of any surface or markings at walking pace. Using the same principles as a GripTester, it provides consistent, accurate measurements over a larger survey area. JLUK have a published correlation from micro GripTester to GripTester. 

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